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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Heat Holders Thermal Vest - Product Review

For the purpose of this review & for those of a nervous disposition, about to run for the hills…I can assure you 100% that there will be NO photos of me modelling the garment above.
Let’s face it…vests are not sexy!
As someone who spends most her life outdoors, the brand agency behind Heat Holders asked if I’d like to trial one of the many items now available under the Heat Holders name. I thought they just sold cosy socks but now they have Thermal Hats, Gloves, Long Johns, Tights, Leggings & Vests.
I chose to road-test the Ladies Long-Sleeved Thermal Vest in Black (I would have looked ridiculous in a pair of Men’s Thermal Long Johns).

I was asked what size top I normally wore (Size 14) & was sent a size L/XL (which according to the sizing on the packaging was for ladies sized 16 – 22…hmpf!) That said, it looks like there are only 2 size options, Size S/M (6 – 14) &  Size L/XL (16 – 22).
Now, compared to my normal winter-gardening vests from M&S this has a far smoother, luxurious feel to it. It does cling to the body (which I guess helps to hold the heat in) and feels cool when you first put it on but that ‘sensation’ soon disappears and you quickly forget you’re wearing it. Additional layers (my work T-Shirt) glide over the top as you put it on and it has an under-armour / silky feel to it. There are ‘patterns’ rather than cups’ where one’s boobs are supposed to go but, without going into too much detail, (sheesh, this is a gardening blog after all!!) I would just ignore them. Just see it as a pretty pattern!!
The length for me (I’m 5’2”) was more than perfect. My current vests leave my back exposed to the elements of winter when bending over. The Heat Holder vest is longer and covers, protects & does not move while twisting n’ turning about.
The vest has a Tog rating of 0.39 which to be honest, unless it’s a duvet, means nothing to me. I don’t know of any other Tog Rated garments to compare it to so can’t comment on that aspect. I wore it to work yesterday morning with my short-sleeved T-Shirt on top, the weather was damp, foggy & about 8 - 9C and I was more than warm enough and I don’t think I would have felt any warmer in my normal vest.
However, I will definitely be replacing my old vests with these. The warmth factor may equal my current vests but the Heat Holder versions are much ‘slinkier’, a far superior, softer feel and the longer length that stays in place, keeping my back covered, is a huge plus on cold winter days. Despite normally wearing a Size 14, I’d stick with the L/XL size (I’ve seen other reviewers suggesting it’s a bit tight, so maybe they’ve tried the smaller size?)
A ‘must-have’ for us gardeners!
They retail at £15 each (I think they’re worth it) and you can find out more at the Heat Holders website.
Now, for those of you with any warped visions of me in a vest ……


Susan said...

Maybe not sexy but I think the package designers did their best with the box graphics. In Canada we even have thermal underwear for the office.

Tammy said...

I was going to comment on something and then there was a red flash and now I don't know where I am or what I'm supposed to be doing!

HELENE said...

I was with you all the way until I got to the Tog rating. My duvet is Tog 18 (I like a warm duvet all year round) – I have no idea either what that Tog rating means! But I would love to try some of their thermal clothing, perhaps not a vest, I would actually rather have some Long Johns, if they were long enough. I am 5’9” and I use 33- 34” long trousers. It is almost impossible to find clothes for below waist that is long enough unless I shop at specialists shops, with ‘specialist’ prices. I wear skirts most of the time as that’s easier to get in and out of with my medical issues, but that can get a bit cold in the garden so I sometimes pull on a jogging bottom under the skirt. A thermal Long John would have been perfect, but after having a look at their website I see they are doing the same as so many other mail order companies, forgetting to write the leg length of their products. And with only one leg length to choose from you can bet your life it is meant for considerably shorter legs than mine. I think I will give that one a miss, but thanks for the review!

Indie said...

I need some of these!!! Now that I have moved up north and the snow has started, I barely go outside. So. freakin. cold. Do they make balaclavas in this stuff?

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