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Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Confession – I Am A Greenhouse-A-Holic



What on earth did I do before the arrival of the greenhouse?
Well I tell yer what….a lot of drooling, loads of heavy sighing & plenty of dreaming.
I thought my life in the garden would be complete if I had one of my own to stroke, but it’s not. I’m keen to try so many things, I want to do it all now & I need about 20 more of these babies!!!


I heeded all the wise words, prior to my purchase, advising that one should buy the biggest greenhouse one can a) afford & b) accommodate.
I took on board all of the top tips on greenhouse colour choice, structure, eaves height, ventilation & positioning.
I read up on the vast choice of accessories available, staging, automatic opening gadgetry, heating, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
I have so much greenhouse knowledge, I now have a flamin’ GCSE in the subject.

But it’s Sunday, confession time.
It’s been 6 minutes since my last visit to the greenhouse, my 94th of the day.
I am a Greenhouse-A-Holic.

There! Said it!
I need to find out where addicts meet up, to discuss & receive help for their addiction.


It’s almost time for bed, just enough time to squeeeeeze in one more visit.

Next post – Confessions of a Plant-A-Holic


Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Jane love your greenhouse, which is bigger than my garden lol. Will have to get some photo's and show you my wee garden with weeds etc. Love Alison xx

Chrissy said...

I'm so happy that you are in love with your greenhouse..for a moment I thought you were going to end the relationship...happy gardening..and such a nice place to be..tucked away from the wind and rain..you just need a coffee machine and a lazy boy and you will be set..


Tammy said...

I can appreciate your addiction (sorta), but don't take time out for meetings, just enjoy!

Tammy said...

I can appreciate your addiction (sorta), but don't take time out for meetings, just enjoy!

Indie said...

Surprised I didn't see a pillow and sleeping bag in there! Probably only a matter of time. ;) I don't blame you - if I had a greenhouse, I would have the same problem!

Angie said...

I've no time to be a greenhouse-a-holic, thank goodness I don't hav one!
Mind you, if and when I do, I'll be no different to you Jane. Have you made an appointment with the marriage counsellor yet? lol!

HELENE said...

I am sure I could have been hooked just as easily as you, if I could have managed to find a place in my garden for a greenhouse! Instead I have my black nursery shelves from B&Q and I treat them almost like you do your greenhouse, I tend to the plants there every time I go outside, keep swapping them around so they all get enough light and water etc and plan what else I can put on them once I have planted some plants or given some a way to clear space. Oh yes, I can fully appreciate your addiction :-)

elaine said...

I can't believe how full your greenhouse is already - and the season hasn't even started yet! I need to get round to washing the glass in mine before I start sowing - and having a good old clear out and scrub down - I agree about being in love with it though - I couldn't live without it I'm afraid.

Casa Mariposa said...

You and your greenhouse are in my Blogger Spotlight! I would spend every waking moment in there. :o)

PatMason said...

Enjoy! I feel exactly the same about mine. My cat loves it so much she has moved in there!:)

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