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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cut Flower Bed


2014-03-13 11 56 05

One of my clients has 2 large, unused, raised beds.
This year I’m going to create one based around the Square Foot (ish) veg patch theme with 2 corner wigwams for runner beans.

2014-03-13 11 55 51

The other, fingers crossed, is going to be a cut flower bed made up of a selection of plants & seeds which will be sown in April. Again there will be 2 wigwams for sweet-pea

I’ve spent hours trawling the internet researching my idea & stumbled upon Higgledy Garden owned by a rather jolly chap, Benjamin Ranyard. This is what he said to lure in in…

“I grow traditional annual flowers in a Cornish paddock. They are grown without the use of any chemicals and are available to buy online and from a select few Cornish shops.
I pride myself in providing the good people of the United Kingdom a quality alternative to the mono culture rubbish flown in from overseas. All of my flowers are grown from the best seed stock available to man and produce outstandingly beautiful plants.”

With all that in mind I purchased his ‘Seeds to sow in Autumn’ collection which can also be sown in the spring.

Ammi Majus

Calendula ‘Indian Prince’

Cornflower ‘Blue Ball’



Gypsophila ‘Covent Garden’

Godetia ‘Crown Mix’

Nigella ‘Persian Jewels’

Larkspur ‘Giant Imperials’

Candytuft ‘Crown’

Eschscholzia. Californian Poppy. ‘Orange King’

Scabiosa ‘Crown’

So, the beds have been prepared, topped up with fresh compost in both & and well rotted manure in the flower bed.

2014-03-13 11 55 35

Do check out Higgledy Gardens and watch this space for updates throughout the year.


HELENE said...

I have saved the blog in my favourites for now, will go back and read more when I have time, thanks for the tip! I’d love a bag of Nigella ‘Persian Jewels’, mixed with Gypsophila ‘Covent Garden’ they would make a lovely posy :-) Good luck with your cut flower bed!

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

wow Jane you have been busy well don't faint so have we Alan did a load of weeding and a bit of tidying getting all the rubbish together and taking it to the tip and low and behold there was a garden underneath all that rubbish, just waiting for the frosts to completely go and am going to get some bedding plants like the look of those Nigela Persian Jewels so will see if the garden center has any and get some and put in my pots (if not do you sell seeds)and around rotary washing line, I promise to take some pictures and put on my blog just for you in the next few days if the rain stops long enough.

Love Alison xxxx

Indie said...

Very nice. I have a lot of raised beds to make for my garden here as well, and they will likely look very similar, with it's square gardening theme (though my kids usually help with the seed planting, so who knows what will it will actually look like in the end!)

Bethany Benton Art said...

Wow! What a canvas in waiting! Looking forward to seeing all of the fab blooms. :-) x

Casa Mariposa said...

That is going to be beautiful!! I'm waiting for poppies seeds sown last fall to grow and have ammi majus in pots under grow lights. Your customer will have gorgeous flowers to bring in for bouquets. :o)

elaine said...

I love the Higgeldy Garden blog and have a good few packets of seed from there just waiting to be sown - it will be good to compare notes later in the year.

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