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Friday, 14 March 2014

It Must Be Love

2014-03-12 21 16 37
There’s a whole lotta lovin’ going on in the Tidy Garden this week.
I almost trod on these two, caught in the act right outside the back door.
I know…’get a room pond!’
2014-03-12 21 30 34
A night time stroll, torch in hand, reveals an obstacle course of ‘ribbity’ passion.
2014-03-12 21 27 57
I thought the female here was about to burst!
2014-03-12 21 27 06
This female was quite red, probably from the exhaustion of carrying her mate who insisted on being hauled out of the pond ‘piggy froggy-back’ style.
2014-03-12 21 29 29
These two are radiantly in love, her smile says it all.


Butrifli said...

Well, I guess there's no arguing with that! huh!.... lol... happy smile...

Susan said...

In Spring a young man's (amphibian's) fancy turns to love.

sharon said...

oh jave you should have maked this XXX you voyeur!!

chloris said...

I envy you the frogs. I used to have loads of them and my pond was always full of frogspawn at this time of the year. No longer, they have all disappeared along with the hedgehogs. I don't use chemicals in the garden. They have disappeared from the whole area not just my garden. But at least I still have newts. They conduct their love lives a little more discreetly.

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