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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


The greenhouse overfloweth.
It’s not my fault I’ll have you know.

I stumbled upon Seedaholic.com and herein lies the problem.
They go above & beyond any other seed company that I have found so far.
There is ample seed choice to start with, advice on skill level required and clear instructions on sowing, cultivation, division as well as a history of each plant.
But it doesn’t stop there, on arrival of one’s stash, each seed packet comes with helpful little tips like a warning if seeds are so tiny they may blow away, some are packaged in small phials and each comes with a quality A5 colour sheet of paper with a reminder of all the information you read online.

Sedums (Mixed & Rubens Lizard)
This mixture of many attractive low-growing sedum varieties represents a wide range of foliage types and flower colours. Sedum ‘Ruben's Lizard’ is a low-growing sedum that has tight, rosy-green cushion of needles with reddish tips.
                                         ‘Mixed’                              ‘Rubens Lizard’

Dahlia ‘Pompone Double)
Dahlia 'Pompone' are ideal for making a splash of colour in the border or bedding display during the summer months.
Geums  (Mr TG’s Favourites)
                       Geum chiloense “Lady Stratheden” is a grand old lady who has graced our gardens for over 80 years and is still going strong.One plant that is quite unfairly ignored is Geum 'Mrs J Bradshaw'. From a distance, the flowers look like strong red blotches suspended above the ground.
                                ‘Lady Stratheden’                      ‘Mrs Bradshaw’                     

One of my favourites for the back row and I love the prickly blue balls in July.
Echinops ‘Globe Thistle’
Heuchera sanguinea 'Firefly'Heuchera Melting Fire, a new seed variety of Heuchera is named for the intense purple-red colour of its new foliage.
                                       ‘Firefly’                                 ‘Melting Fire’
With 'Bressingham,' what one gets instead of ornate leaves are increased numbers of tiny bell-flowers that rise above the foliage on wirey stems.Heuchera 'Greenfinch'  forms a neat mound of rounded, mottled leaves that are a deep blue-green with dark green veins.
                               ‘Bressingham Hybrids’                   ‘Greenfinch’
Valerian – Centranthus
Centranthus ruber is a cottage garden favourite that’s made it back into the style books.
Centranthus ‘Snow Cloud’
Reasons for these purchases?
Beginner skill level required, no special requirements like heating, pre-treating, etc…, plants I love and….and…er…because I’m a converted Seed-A-Holic.
(Non-seedling images from Seedaholic)


Casa Mariposa said...

Such an easy site to fall in love with! Thanks for the heads up. They even have prices listed in dollars but I could probably find cheaper shipping stateside. Love all your teensy seedlings.

Tammy said...

Your garden is going to be breathtaking this summer!

Lindac said...

I am so jealous of people who successfully grow plants/flowers from seed. For some reason I have very little success with seed.
You certainly seem to have the hang of it though, that's a very impressive selection you have growing there. :)

Indie said...

Once you find a good seed company, it is so easy to order more.. and more.. and more.. ! I have a couple good seed companies I use, and my guest room is already filling up with all my seed starting stuff. (We might be in trouble in a couple weeks when my parents come to visit!)

Angie said...


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