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Friday, 25 April 2014

Mr TG’s New Love


Mr TG is in love.
His relationship with those strumpet Geums, ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ & ‘Lady Stratheden’, appears to be over.
The object of his desires now lies with a ballerina.


Tulip ‘Ballerina’, alongside ‘Purple Prince’ and ‘Queen of the Night’, were new additions to the Tidy Garden planted late autumn 2013.


By day, the Ballerina opens her petals wide, enjoying the sun’s rays & the admiring glances of Mr TG.


As the sun goes down and the temperature drops, she begins to close up….


…until finally, snuggled up for the day…


…she reveals her slender reddish streaks against her blazing orange form.
She is elegantly stunning & despite her wanton manner, I am prepared to invite more Ballerina bulbs to the garden this autumn.


Partnered with Tulip ‘Purple Prince (left) and ‘Queen of the Night’ (right).
All 3 are beautifully formed with strong stems, the flowers stay neat & tidy despite the wind & rain and are even more ‘stunninger’ (not a real word…yet) when dappled in sunlight.

Sexy, flirtatious and damned right gorgeous….and that’s just Mr TG.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Saturday, 12 April 2014

OhhhhhhhhRiculas….How I Lurv Thee



Some episodes of Gardener’s World leave me drooling more than others…


and yesterday’s left my bib simply dripping.


Twas a feature on Auriculas …. sigh.


Some of these Auriculas are flowering in the Tidy Garden as I scribe, others are archive images from previous years ‘flowerings’. I shall look out for these over the coming weeks.


I have no idea what varieties I have as they came in a magazine offer many years ago, but I LOVE them.

7.6.2013 (3)

Along with Heucheras and Calendulas, these are my fav’ plants EVER (said in a trendy teenage tone).


I don’t have a theatre in which to display them (on Mr TG’s to-do list), mine are either in the flower beds, in pots with other plants or in hanging baskets…..yes…I know….random.


They’ve been in these baskets for years, I’ve changed the soil a few times just to re-bury the stems & they’ve been fabulously happy & content.


They’ve taken a battering over the years too, plenty of wind, more than their fair share of rain & heaps of snow but they’ve always bounced back.


That said, I think I’ll split them again & pot some up in posh terracotta pots & shimmy Mr TG along with that theatre.


I’m trying to grow some from seed at the mo’ (from T&M)….progress is slow (yawn) but we gardeners are a patient lot.


If anyone is able to shed some light on the names of any of these varieties I’d be humongously grateful…..Thank you!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Black Tomato (Indigo Rose) - Product Review

I’m trialling this Black tomato ‘Indigo Rose’ from Suttons.
I confess that I’m struggling to get my head around a black tomato.
I don’t know why, I guess our brains are programmed to recognise & accept images & anything other than the norm’ throws up doubt, concerns, worries. It looks like the plum that I have each morning for breakfast.
Grafted Tomato Plants - The Black Tomato Indigo Rose
That said, the more I look at the image above, the more excited I am at tasting the fruits.
‘Plants are naturally cross-bred from native tomatoes found in the Galapagos & Peru & come grafted onto vigorous rootstock to give strong plants & high yield.
They’re naturally resistant to early blight and have high levels of lycopene and anthocyanins found in so-called ‘super foods’.’
Apparently it’s remarkably easy to grow in a greenhouse or in a sunny spot outside and where leaves shade the fruit, the skin will ripen to a deep rose, where the fruits are in full sun, the skin will turn its unique indigo black colour. 
Grafted Tomato Plants - The Black Tomato Indigo Rose
I shall eventually grow mine outside, rather than in the greenhouse.
I shall keep you posted on my 3 plantlets as they develop.
You can get Indigo Rose tomatoes here at Suttons.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bizarre Cowslips


Last night whilst luxuriating in my muddy / gravelly bath, perusing the April edition of Gardener’s World, I came upon a letter from a reader asking for a plant to be identified as possibly Red Cowslips.
Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather, wrapped me up in a fish paste sandwich & called me Norman!
The Tidy Garden ‘Apple tree bed’ this year is riddled with the same plants. Only the other day Mr TG & I were scratching our heads (Mr TG scratched his more gently than mine for fear of rubbing away the few remaining hairs he owns) wondering where on earth they had come from. Each spring this bed is carpeted in traditional yellow cowslips & gold-laced primulas, last year I did split the cowslips up & replanted the babies and this is the result.


They’re everywhere I tells yer!
Ignore the Poly’ in the bottom left corner, that’s only just gone in…but you can see the reddy / orange glow top left & right.

Whatever they are, they’re gorgeous.


If all that wasn’t bizarre enough, then here are the results of some cowslip seeds that I sowed 2 years ago (ignore that 2007 label, that’s the year the horse chestnut tree in this pot was planted by my son). Yes, there’s 2 teeny cowslips but also these not so ‘cowslip-looking’ …. er…cowslips.

I collected the seeds from the plants in the shady side of the garden, sprinkled them in a trough & just left them to see what would happen. Earlier this year I potted up the tiny plantlets & this was the result.

On the assumption that these are also new plants, I shall name these ‘Not-So-Cowslipicus-Looking Janeicus Whocaresicus’ and would ask you politely to form an orderly queue whilst placing your orders. Thank you.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

End of Month Review

Well March has been n’ gawn and here we are ploughing into April.
So much has been going on, several ‘essential’ purchases made (ahem!), loads of seedlings potted up, plants for sale prepared, spring lawn maintenance, pruning here n’ there … oh and several hours per day looking after the gorgeous gardens of my fabulous clie
I’m snowed under (metaphorically speaking) at the mo’ so I’m just going to quickly post a few images from last weekend, as March faded away2014-03-30 17 23 18
Mr TG is a stickler for cleanliness, mopping Saharan sand off the greenhouse roof with my not-so-bestest-anymore kitchen floor mop.
2014-03-30 16 49 12
Random purchase of Trifolium ‘Purpurascens’ (Purple Four-Leaved Clover to you n’ me)…
2 Clematis’ ‘Star of India’ & ‘Royal Velours’ bought for the front garden, which I will post about soon.
Stunning selection of Violas purchased for a client.
The Tidy Garden…
…and greenhouse, bursting at the seams.
Short n’ sweet this time.

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