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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Black Tomato (Indigo Rose) - Product Review

I’m trialling this Black tomato ‘Indigo Rose’ from Suttons.
I confess that I’m struggling to get my head around a black tomato.
I don’t know why, I guess our brains are programmed to recognise & accept images & anything other than the norm’ throws up doubt, concerns, worries. It looks like the plum that I have each morning for breakfast.
Grafted Tomato Plants - The Black Tomato Indigo Rose
That said, the more I look at the image above, the more excited I am at tasting the fruits.
‘Plants are naturally cross-bred from native tomatoes found in the Galapagos & Peru & come grafted onto vigorous rootstock to give strong plants & high yield.
They’re naturally resistant to early blight and have high levels of lycopene and anthocyanins found in so-called ‘super foods’.’
Apparently it’s remarkably easy to grow in a greenhouse or in a sunny spot outside and where leaves shade the fruit, the skin will ripen to a deep rose, where the fruits are in full sun, the skin will turn its unique indigo black colour. 
Grafted Tomato Plants - The Black Tomato Indigo Rose
I shall eventually grow mine outside, rather than in the greenhouse.
I shall keep you posted on my 3 plantlets as they develop.
You can get Indigo Rose tomatoes here at Suttons.


Tammy said...

I"m sure they'll be delicious, I had a purple tomato and it was excellent!

HELENE said...

I saw this one on their website but skipped it, I am growing tomatoes for the first time in 20 years, in a container and I hope there will be an abundance! I am a sucker for anything unusual though so would love to have a black tomato, but without a greenhouse it is hard to do any vegetables. It’s difficult to grow things from seed when all I got is space on the work surface in my dark and dingy kitchen. I so envy you the greenhouse!

Indie said...

I've tried a blackish tomato before, though I can't recall the variety, and thought it was quite good. They do look quite strange, though! This year we bought seeds for different colored carrots (the kids picked them out, of course). I'm anxious to see what those look like!

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Sounds interesting Jane will look forward to hearing the results I try to grow toms every year sometimes with loads of success but most of the time I end up with blight, this year I am going to grow some on my windowsill instead of outside. Love Alison xxx

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