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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

End of Month Review

Well March has been n’ gawn and here we are ploughing into April.
So much has been going on, several ‘essential’ purchases made (ahem!), loads of seedlings potted up, plants for sale prepared, spring lawn maintenance, pruning here n’ there … oh and several hours per day looking after the gorgeous gardens of my fabulous clie
I’m snowed under (metaphorically speaking) at the mo’ so I’m just going to quickly post a few images from last weekend, as March faded away2014-03-30 17 23 18
Mr TG is a stickler for cleanliness, mopping Saharan sand off the greenhouse roof with my not-so-bestest-anymore kitchen floor mop.
2014-03-30 16 49 12
Random purchase of Trifolium ‘Purpurascens’ (Purple Four-Leaved Clover to you n’ me)…
2 Clematis’ ‘Star of India’ & ‘Royal Velours’ bought for the front garden, which I will post about soon.
Stunning selection of Violas purchased for a client.
The Tidy Garden…
…and greenhouse, bursting at the seams.
Short n’ sweet this time.


Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Wow Jane you are going to be busy. Thank you for your kind offer am thinking about it and what I need to do and what pictures to send. Love Alison xx

Indie said...

What cute four-leaf clovers! I am a sucker for clematis - I'm already wondering what Mr. Red House is going to say to the inevitable bill that I'm going to NEED to incur for ordering from my favorite online clematis supplier... ;)

Tammy said...

Looking great!

Angie said...

It's all go Jane - the thought of your husband cleaning of the Sahara dust with your mop made me smile. Sounds like something I would do too :)
I grow the purple 4 leaf clover but keep it confined to a pot!
Enjoy your weekend!

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