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Saturday, 12 April 2014

OhhhhhhhhRiculas….How I Lurv Thee



Some episodes of Gardener’s World leave me drooling more than others…


and yesterday’s left my bib simply dripping.


Twas a feature on Auriculas …. sigh.


Some of these Auriculas are flowering in the Tidy Garden as I scribe, others are archive images from previous years ‘flowerings’. I shall look out for these over the coming weeks.


I have no idea what varieties I have as they came in a magazine offer many years ago, but I LOVE them.

7.6.2013 (3)

Along with Heucheras and Calendulas, these are my fav’ plants EVER (said in a trendy teenage tone).


I don’t have a theatre in which to display them (on Mr TG’s to-do list), mine are either in the flower beds, in pots with other plants or in hanging baskets…..yes…I know….random.


They’ve been in these baskets for years, I’ve changed the soil a few times just to re-bury the stems & they’ve been fabulously happy & content.


They’ve taken a battering over the years too, plenty of wind, more than their fair share of rain & heaps of snow but they’ve always bounced back.


That said, I think I’ll split them again & pot some up in posh terracotta pots & shimmy Mr TG along with that theatre.


I’m trying to grow some from seed at the mo’ (from T&M)….progress is slow (yawn) but we gardeners are a patient lot.


If anyone is able to shed some light on the names of any of these varieties I’d be humongously grateful…..Thank you!


Tammy said...

Each one is just beautiful! Mother Nature's idea of color is always amazing!

Casa Mariposa said...

I love the way you write your blog because it makes me feel like I'm there with you. :o) I've never seen these before except on English blogs. They are beauties! WANT!

Linda said...

Just gorgeous. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

Alistair said...

Jane, I share your fondness for the Oarikyoula. I grow them in Terracotta pots and move them around, sometimes I think I place them where there is too much sunshine I have one bluey purple one similar to one of yours, it does really well. The others I got as very young plants a couple of years ago and they have been more reluctant to put on healthy growth. I have the names of them somewhere and will probably post about them if they improve.

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Wow so pretty I need to do some weeding and then get some more bedding plants for my pots. Love Alison xx

Indie said...

Gardeners are a patient lot? Patience is sadly a virtue that I feel I am constantly working on, especially when it comes to the garden! ;) I've only grown one Primula before, though I only had it a short time before I moved. Sadly I am quite ignorant about them!

HELENE said...

All episodes of Gardeners’ World leaves me drooling! And yes, I saw the Auriculas too, would love to have a few/many! And I’d love a theatre for them too!

Bethany Benton Art said...

Well, look who finally found their way back to Blog Land! Ohhh, the blooms in this post are fabulous, and worth drooling over. I've never met any of these show offs in person, unfortunately. They look like velvet ... do they have that texture? All the best! :-)

elaine said...

I have just seen the national collection of these I think it was on The One Show. They had 750- varieties - you've got a long way to go Jane.

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