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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Spear & Jackson Traditional Garden Spade - Product Review

Feast your eyes on this….
…a thing of beauty.
A Spear & Jackson Traditional Garden Spade and, fresh from the packaging, one could have applied one’s ‘lippie’ or shaved one’s beard (if one was a bloke!).
Now this spade arrived in the nick of time as big plans were afoot in the front garden (see posting here).
The weight was perfect, light enough to make hard work easier, the wooden handle was smooth & comfortable to use and the polished, stainless steel, rust resistant blade cleaned up beautifully afterwards.
I certainly put this spade through its paces shifting 1.5 tonnes of soil, hard-core & gravel with Mr TG and after a damn good hosing it still buffed up like new (…the spade that is!)
Old heavy spades have now been cast aside, this is a fine specimen of ‘toolhood’ and you can get it here at Argos.


Tammy said...

Nothing like calling a spade a spade!

Bethany Benton Art said...

It does look like a very nice tool to have in the garden. I'm sure it was helpful to have Mr. TG as the operator. :-)

Indie said...

Ooo, shiny! I must admit, I've never really had much luck with flat tipped spades - I usually need a pointed shovel for most of my digging (or a pickaxe...) That edge looks pretty sharp, though!

HELENE said...

I have a Spear & Jackson spade too, have had it for ages and it is great, not too heavy and not too big, just the right size for me. They usually last for decades with reasonable use :-)

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