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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ignore The Rules


2014-06-24 20 06 34

These are…snuffle, snuffle…. some of the fruits…nom…nom   from the bare root strawberries…snort… that I planted up earlier….nom…nom…..in the year.


Some say that you shouldn’t let them fruit in the first year…. slurp…dribble.
I say ‘let’s break the rules & enjoy!’ ….. nom…nom.


Ali said...

Mmmmm - I've got one huge! red one too - might snaffle it before the birds get it - it'll be fine cut four ways!! lol (p.s. I am on about a strawberry!!)

elaine said...

Control yourself woman they're only strawberries! Mind you - they do look scrumptious.

Tammy said...

Beautiful berries!

Pam's English Garden said...

I agree with you one hundred percent!! Yummy! P. x

Crafts-by-Alison.blogspot.com said...

Yummy Yummy I love Strawberries, sorry have not been around much Jane but have been really bad with my back and fibromyalgia so I am afraid the garden has taken a back seat for a while not got around to planting the seeds you sent but am saving them now for next year as we are going to be moving some plants around and then putting new beds into the garden at the back so have big plans for the future. Love Alison xx

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