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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hozelock Wonderweeder - Product Review

Now this is one of those garden gadgets that’s sold everywhere but like me you’ve probably never seen it before.
If you have seen it then maybe you just instantly dismissed it as just another ‘gadget for gadgets sake’ and walked pass with barely a second glance. Let’s be honest, flowers n’ foliage are FAR MORE EXCITING!!
This is the Hozelock Wonderweeder.
It’s quite simply a weed killing spray gun but this one eliminates the need to bend down to zap those pesky weeds.
Brilliant for spot weeding & an absolute godsend if you have back, knee or other problems that means bending down is a nightmare!

Simply unscrew the handle end & fill with your favourite weed killing potion.
There is a dosing cap inside the handle if you need to dilute concentrated potions and the clear plastic tube holds 300ml. Being clear also means you can see how much liquid is left as you potter around the garden.
I filled mine with the contents of a regular ready-to-use finger spray gun.
Once the ergonomic handle is screwed back on it becomes your
pump for dispensing the spray.
Here’s a quick link on how to press.
(Image from Hozelock….sheesh you’re not seeing my knees!)
The Hozelock Wonderweeder is 1m long allowing a long reach and ease of use.

Simply position the spray nozzle end over your soon-to-be-ex-weed. The nozzle is surrounded by a clear, plastic, protective cone so you can see the weed but more importantly stops spray drifting onto other plants.
Press the handle down with the palm of your hand…et voila!
Spray dispensed and as you can see above, clean circles of spray, zero drifting and only one pump of the handle was required. None of that finger trigger action of normal spray guns where sometimes a few sprays are needed to get the right dosage.
(No weeds were harmed for the purpose of this demonstration)
Despite my continuous vigil of the Tidy Garden I am afraid that some weeds do sneak in…I know…Shock! Horror!
You can probably just make out the 2 circles of spray that I used on this weed. No leakage onto the lawn at all and no wastage.
Simply brilliant.
When you’ve finished using your Wonderweeder there is a an added safety mechanism…
…an easy to twist lock at the spray end, that shuts off the supply of weedkiller should ‘little hands’ get hold of it.
When it’s empty, just refill.

”Simply Fill, Spray…..Kill”
A brilliant gadget, one that definitely deserves a closer look!
You can see a video demonstration here.
Available from DIY stores, leading garden centres and specialist retailers.


Tammy said...

I like that the spray area is controlled! Have to see if its available in the states!

HELENE said...

Thanks for the info, it looks brilliant. Not sure I would need one though, I haven’t used a weed-killer for many years. I have bark mulch in all my flowerbeds .

Indie said...

It sounds like a great product, though I don't usually use weed killer. I worry about drift from neighbors' weed killers sometimes. I did snicker a little at the name, though - it sounded like a name out of a Harry Potter book...

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