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Friday, 25 July 2014

Cut Flower Bed Update


2014-03-13 11 55 35

Back in March I posted about 2 unused raised beds in a client’s garden that this year I was going to use to create a Square Foot (ish) veg bed & a cut flower bed.

2014-07-03 09 56 03

This is the cut flower bed.

Most of what you see above are spring-sown seeds. There are also 2 wigwams of sweet peas & at the back are dahlias.


Dahlia ‘Arabian Night’ & Dahlia ‘My Love’


Cornflower ‘Blue Ball’




Calendula ‘Indian Prince’ & the white Gypsophila ‘Covent Garden’.


Ammi Majus


Despite these being spring-sown seeds, they’ve been a huge success and have provided my client with an endless selection of posies for the home.
The whole lot came from the Autumn collection from Higgledy Garden.

Sunday, 20 July 2014




They say you shouldn’t have a favourite child…. and as a gardener, I shouldn’t have a favourite client.
But…between you n’ me, when a client thinks you’re 15 years younger than you really are, well… who am I not to have a favourite!
Add a dahlia as gorgeous as this alongside payment and you’ve got me…hook, line n’ sinker.



Vase (T-light holder from Wilkinsons)
Dahlia (from fav’ client)
Verbena Bonariensis
Leucanthemum (white daisy flower)
Spirea foliage
Love-In-A-Mist seedheads

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Bookings Now Being Taken…


Welcome to the new Poppy restaurant.
We can accommodate any number of guests in one of our themed dining areas.
Choose from…


….the Icelandic Poppy or…

5 (1)

….the Opium Poppy areas for family dining.


Or if you fancy something a little more romantic, how about a table for two in our Californian Poppy corner?


We even cater for those who prefer to dine alone in the peaceful Field Poppy section.

Enjoy your meal!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

And the ‘Patience Award’ Goes to….





This is a Kniphofia, or Red Hot Poker…..but not any ol’ Kniphofia.
No! This one, we reckon, is about 15+ years old.
I seem to recall buying it in the late 1990’s (so last century) and it was planted at the end of the garden. After several years it became apparent that it wasn’t happy, barely able to produce a new leaf let alone a flower.
So it was dug up & put in a huge pot on the opposite side of the garden where its performance ‘vastly’ improved with the appearance of 2 or 3 leaves. (Exciting huh?)
Last year I decided enough was enough…sheesh…I’m a patient woman but c’mon!


I dug it up again, planted it back into a tiny pot and left it up the gloomy, north facing alley running up the side of the house to have a good ol’ think about its behaviour & future in the Tidy Garden.
1 year later I decided, because I’m a generous soul, to give it one more chance and this time planted it among Mr TG’s beloved Geums in the Apple Tree bed.
I liked them in the 90’s…..

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