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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Jeyes Fluid– Product Review

This post aint pretty.
Oh the shame!
The humiliation!
The so called ‘Tidy Garden’ path has algae.

How did this happen?
I’ve let things slip.
Fear not my pretties.
Help was at hand.
I used Jeyes Patio Power (a 2ltr container covers 99 m2 ). This one needs diluting and is safe to use in a pressure washer if you wish. Great to use on all your outdoor hard surfaces like patios, decking, paths & driveways.

But you can get ready mixed versions (a trial version of 500ml covers 3.8m2)
Anyway, I diluted 10 parts water to 1 part Jeyes in an old watering can, doused the pathways & left them to dry.
Before                                         After
Et Voila!
Oh the effort….Not!
Zilch scrubbing or brushing required.
Simply pour, sit back with a tequila sunrise in one hand & a Nobbly Bobbly (other ice lollies are available) in the other and relax (wash your hands first!)
                  Before                                          After
Jeyes Fluid Outdoor Cleaner 300ml
Of course there’s the ol’ faithful, Jeyes Fluid in a tin version too.
Great for a multitude of outdoor cleaning & disinfecting tasks, from cleaning floors, to kennels, bins, and greenhouses to refreshing waterbutts.
Did someone mention ‘greenhouses’?
Gotta dash…….


Chrissy said...

Excellent...thanks for the tip Jane..I have that problem and been scrubbing and brooming and getting no where.Off to the hardware store..


Tammy said...

Love it when you call us pretty! Amazing difference by just pouring it on, does it dust and wash windows?

Angie said...

I've never uses Jeyes, but will keep this in mind - I've the perfect spot to give it a try.

Casa Mariposa said...

The fact that you have algae growing on your walkway is a testament to how much rain you get! Wow! Glad it was an easy job. :o)

Indie said...

I had no idea they made such a thing! I have a well, so I think I would be too afraid to use chemicals anywhere outside like that, but that does look so much easier than scrubbing or power washing (especially if you really are lounging with a drink in one hand while this is all going on)!

Mattie Keyes said...

This is an awesome cleaning hack. Jeyes fluid seems good name to me.

Best Pressure Washer 2018 said...

I have learned a lot from this post which will help me in future.

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