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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Farewell Summer of 2014


Buddleia ‘Buzz’

2014 has officially been the fastest year ever!
Night thieves are stealing time, somewhere between my head hitting the pillow at the end of another busy day and Mr TG’s damned alarm going off.


This buddleia ‘buzz’ is actually the pinkish version but the camera & all photo editing suites seem incapable of correcting the colour, so you’ll just have to imagine it.


A year in the Tidy garden wouldn’t be complete without a revamp of one of the beds.
This year it was the turn of the
Dry Bed (not so dry now). The magnolia was dramatically reduced in all directions & already, since the photo above was taken, has sprouted fresh foliage in all the right places & produced a few new flowers. The bulk of this bed was taken up by a choisia that had reached the pathway, a vicious conifer & several ropey perennials.


A bit of soil TLC, a trip to my favourite plant supplier plus a few home-grown beauties et voila…the beginning of our latest ‘Critter Bed’.


Although in its infancy, I’m so pleased with this bed….


…. and I can’t wait until next year.


This is the Sunny Bed which, after its re-vamp last year into a critter haven, has been spectacular. The greenhouse has provided much needed protection from the sun on the hottest of days, without creating shade. This is the look I’m hoping to enjoy in the Dry Bed next year.


Despite the huge array of plants, this is such an easy bed to care for, as is all of the Tidy Garden. Just about everything involves either a spot of dead-heading or an annual cut down. It really isn’t hard work at all.

PicMonkey Collage


The hardest part is getting some seeds to germinate. The quality of some of the seed compost I’ve been using is quite frankly rubbish & most of it has been big brand varieties.
I gave Zinnias a go this year, Zinnia ‘Envy’ (middle) & ‘Early Wonder Mixed’ from Sarah Raven.

Zinnia ‘Envy’ was advertised as green flowers, almost lime-like on the packaging…..hmmmmm…..more a dirty cream, colour. The ‘Early Wonder Mixed’ however were the zanniest of bright colours that I’ve ever seen in a flower. Although germination was poor, about a quarter, I shall definitely sow these again next spring, not in specialised seed compost but in Durstons multi-purpose compost. The success rate in this compost, be it seeds, cuttings or pot plants has been excellent.


Here’s a feast of late summer / autumn loveliness that are still going strong, including the sunflower bird food that Mr TG bought in error for sunflower hearts. A beautiful mistake!

And finally, a couple of weird-angled panoramic views….



…and a backward glance.


Till next time.


elaine said...

Your garden looks amazing no wonder you are pleased with it.It is a credit to your gardening skills Jane. I have a couple of beds to overhaul that are riddled with ground elder I am hoping the garden fairies will take pity on me - if not I'll just have to get down and dirty.

Tammy said...

Each bed is beautiful! You and Mr. TG should toast to your accomplishment!

Angie said...

Tidy Garden inc. should be very pleased with themselves ;)
The whole garden looks wonderful and your style of planting is just how I like it. I'm going to try some of those Echinops in my front garden next year - have given up trying them out back.

Chrissy said...

Gosh! Jane...your gardens are stunning..it is like a Fairy land with so many beautiful colours and flowers..I'm heading into Summer and must make a list o plants to start putting in after this cold wet snap we are having.


Janneke said...

Your garden looks really wonderful, you can be proud. I was not lucky with my Zinnias this year, the slugs had totally eaten them when we came back from our holiday. The Zinnia 'Envy' is indeed a wrong one for I had once beautiful chartreuse green flowers.

Bethany Benton Art said...

Oh, how beautiful! I wish I could just step into the last photo, have a garden walk, and meet the lovely gardener in person. The panoramas are amazing. I enjoyed the tour. 'Envy' is very pretty, but I know you were hoping for lime green. I share your love of lime green in the garden. If I come across a lime green zinnia in my research for future gardens, I'll be sure to let you know. I enjoyed the tour. All the best! :-)

Sally said...

Thank you for the tour! I love your gardens. Zinnia is on my list of annuals to grow next year.....so many colors!Your wide views are so beautiful... A little piece of Heaven!

alistair said...

Your garden is looking fantastic Jane. Even newly planted the dry bed is looking very promising. I wont half miss the Summer this year.

Indie said...

Oh I love your sunny bed, and your dry bed will look so great all filled in! I can't wait until my garden gets a little more grown up and filled in - right now I'm in the weeding tons of space phase. That is too bad about germinating the zinnias. I've had good luck with them when I direct sowed them into raised beds with lots of compost, though I've also had colors be unusually variable. Your garden looks gorgeous!!

Casa Mariposa said...

Just beautiful! I love how cheery your garden is. LOVE all those penstemon in your new bed. Those are hard to grow here because of our humidity and heavy soil. I have a clump of birdseed sunflowers planted by the squirrels. How helpful of them to help me sow. :o)

Skye said...

You have a wonderful garden. I will be watching to see how your new gardens go. In the new planting which plants are the critter attracting ones please? Last year I planted one bed in blue flowers because I heard this attracts butterflies?

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