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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Greenhouse Update



The ol’ greenhouse is almost a year old.
It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought & I still get an enormous buzz every time I slide its squeaky door open & enter the warm micro-climate.
If I’ve tweaked its layout once, then I’ve tweaked it a thousand times and each time I wonder why I didn’t think of that layout before.
I won’t say I’ve got it 100% right now, as that would be dull…change is good.


Lessons are being learnt all the time.
Firstly I grew too much, not just in volume but in variety.
The garden became a nursery of pots EVERYWHERE!!
Seeds here, seedlings there, cuttings over yonder (you get the idea)
I overdid it, got myself in a bit of a tizz & for a nano-second wondered what the heck I was doing & trying to achieve.


But you live n’ learn, pour a few glasses of the ol’ vino, get someone to give you a slap with a damp kipper (in this case Mr TG) and then take stock…. or in this case sell it off / give it away.
So here we are today, final revamp for this year completed.
The staging to the left now has a raised shelf (bricks & spare planks of wood) to hold my display of pelargoniums. Bowls lie in wait for sowing winter salad leaves.
Shelving to the right currently holds my streptocarpus cuttings (that’s another story) & a selection of experimental seeds from around the world (again, another story).
The end of the greenhouse holds my expanding display of carnivorous plants (yet another story to follow).


‘She’ is a thing of beauty…sigh….


Tammy said...

Looks so wonderful Janie! I'm so happy for you!

Ali said...

I am very envious!!! It looks great - Looks better than Montys!! xx

Casa Mariposa said...

If anyone ever slaps me with a damp kipper they'll be singing high notes for a week. But I wouldn't mind watching everyone else get slapped with one. Love your greenhouse. If I had one I'd grow too much stuff, too. But isn't that the point?

Indie said...

I adore your collection of pitcher plants and carnivorous sundry along your back wall! Can't wait to see that post! My new greenhouse needs a good cleaning/tidying/reorganization before winter, too. So much to do, so little time!

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