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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Harvest Time


Harvest time in the Tidy Garden.
This is our second year using the Square Foot Gardening method & a selection of pots to grow our veg but I confess that I haven’t tended the patch as diligently as I would have liked….something that I will correct next year.


Let’s quickly skip by the sweetcorn… the heat, humidity & stillness of summer went to my head & I forgot to give Mother Nature a hand by tapping the tassels. Result was poor quality, 2 inch long short cobs.


Regular stalkers may recall the black tomato ‘Indigo Rose’ that the good folk at Suttons asked me to trial back in April.
They are ‘naturally cross-bred from native tomatoes found in the Galapagos & Peru & come grafted onto vigorous rootstock to give strong plants & high yield.
They’re naturally resistant to early blight and have high levels of lycopene and anthocyanins found in so-called ‘super foods’.


According to Suttons they ’should take about 93 days from planting for the fruit to be fully ripe. They start out green before sunlight turns them black. At this stage they will be as hard as bullets. As they ripen the fruits will soften and start turning red, from the bottom up. At this stage they are ready for picking however the longer you leave them then the sweeter they will taste. When they are fully ripe the skin beneath the calyx will be red but they can certainly be eaten before this final stage’.

black tom

Well here we are 6 months on. Yes…there’s an amazingly high yield but I almost lost the will to live waiting for them to ripen.
These were all picked today, most still have green bottoms so will have to be ripened indoors.
As for the taste, sorry Suttons, they were quite bland.
So disappointing after all this time.


Meanwhile, carrots, cucumbers , broad beans & strawberries have been a huge success…Yay!


Happy Harvesting! 





elaine said...

Looks like your sq.ft. garden has produced plenty of goodies. Those toms look more like cherries don't they - wonder what colour soup would turn out using them.

Tammy said...

Well at least the tomatoes would be good for throwing! Wonderful harvest!

Pam's English Garden said...

I would say your square-foot gardening was a success, Jane, in spite of the corn and disappointing tomatoes. I have used this method for several years, and wouldn't do it any other way. P. x

Sally said...

Hi Jane,
Your veggies look amazing! Can you believe I have never tasted carrots fresh from the garden? I bet they are a treat.
There are so many different kinds of tomatoes now.....we grew a yellow cherry tomato.....it was really sweet. I loved it but the Saver didn't......Every night we are told there will be a frost but, nothing yet...

Indie said...

My kids grew corn this year, and they also only had a couple very short cobs due to lack of helping them along. That is too bad about the tomatoes - they look so interesting too! Our haul was not that great as my soil wasn't amended very well. Lots of tomatillos, carrots, and snow peas, but that's about it. Next year!

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