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Tuesday, 17 February 2015




This time last year the ol’ jardin was awash with daffs, snowdrops, hyacinths, wind anemones, primulas & emerging tulip buds.

This year we have 2, I repeat 2 (makes it sound like I have more) aconite flowers.
That’s it!!
It’s all a bit weird in the garden, nothing has really died back. I have penstemon in bud, perennials as lush & as green as they were in their prime last year.
But where the bulbs have gone, who knows?


There…. I’ve repeated the same photo to make myself feel happier…sniff!
How are your spring blooms coming along?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Winter Salad Bar

Flamin’ Heck!
It’s ffffffreeeeeeezing out.
Flurries of snow & icy winds are keeping me firmly attached to a steaming hot radiator….Brrrrr.


Your garden may also still be hibernation mode but here’s something you can do while waiting for the kettle to boil for your next streaming hot cuppa… grow an indoor salad bar.

There are lots of salad leaves that can be grown all-year-round.

You will need:
Any shallow container to grow them in
Seeds (see the ones I used below)

I’m growing mine in the greenhouse (unheated), but you could grow them in a shed by the window, a cold frame, plastic mini-greenhouse, conservatory or indoors on a windowsill.
Trust me, they don’t need heat….our greenhouse is freezing but they’re thriving in there.

PicMonkey Collage

A – Thompson & Morgan (T&M) Salad Leaves ‘Bright & Spicy’
(inc. Pak Choi, Greek Cress, Mizuna)

B – T&M Lettuce ‘Leaves Mixed)
(inc. Lollo Rossa, Crisp Mint, Little Gem)

C – T&M Salad Leaves ‘Nice n’ Spicy Mixed’
(inc. Mibuna, Rocket, Mustard, Mizuna)

D – Suttons Microgreens – Sprouting Broccoli Greens


It really is simple (get the kids involved)…
Add soil to container… honestly any container will do, why not recycle the plastic punnets that supermarket fruit comes in?
Sprinkle the seeds, lightly cover with more soil, gently water & leave them to sprout.
When they’re about 3-4 inches or so they’ll be ready to eat as baby leaves, trust me delicious in a sandwich or as a side-salad.


I use them as “cut n’ come again” crops.
Don’t pull them up, just cut off what you need leaving an inch or 2 & then some will re-sprout. Just repeat sowings as & when your supply runs low. I’ve sown 4 different pots & that 1 sowing has kept us going over winter & remember these salad leaves can be grown all year.


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