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Tuesday, 17 February 2015




This time last year the ol’ jardin was awash with daffs, snowdrops, hyacinths, wind anemones, primulas & emerging tulip buds.

This year we have 2, I repeat 2 (makes it sound like I have more) aconite flowers.
That’s it!!
It’s all a bit weird in the garden, nothing has really died back. I have penstemon in bud, perennials as lush & as green as they were in their prime last year.
But where the bulbs have gone, who knows?


There…. I’ve repeated the same photo to make myself feel happier…sniff!
How are your spring blooms coming along?


Tammy said...

What is spring??? It must the year for the trees to be in the spotlight. They will be back for next year's spring whatever that is?

elaine said...

I was looking back on photos of this time last year and I had primroses galore - this year they are conspicuous by their absence. I have lots of bulbs about an inch through the ground so far but only a few snowdrops in flower. Everything seems a bit behind I think the long cold spell has held them back.

Janneke said...

Last year everything was very early, we had a very mild winter. This time until now we have not a very mild winter, but a mild winter. That is what I think, here in Holland it's the same.
Last year I had hundreds of Crocuses now I counted them and there were only 14. May be mice discovered the bulbs and....I have rabbits eating all the green what's popping up, except the snowdrops and hellebores, these are probably to poisenous.

HELENE said...

I have had the same issue with my primroses as Elaine, but dividing some of them has helped. Everything else is much slower than last year – but using last year as a standard is pretty much setting up to fail, as last year was an extremely mild winter. I am pretty much on par with a normal spring, not early and not late.

Casa Mariposa said...

My garden is frozen solid and even my snowdrops and crocus are mostly hiding. Do you have little hungry creatures who might have dug them up and eaten them? Our squirrels do that a lot.

Pam's English Garden said...

Spring blooms,Jane? My garden is under a foot of snow and more expected, so I just have to be patient. P.x

Sally said...

Garden's have a mind of their own. We huff and puff, weed and fertilize and they still do their own thing!
We are under about 5 feet of snow...although I heard the mayor of Boston say we've had 7 feet of snow in a month......I envy those of you who can see signs of Spring in February. We will have to wait until the end of March or beginning of April.
Wishing you Happy Gardening!

alistair said...

Well, that's two more than I have Jane, must order some.

Indie said...

The garden has to change every year just to keep us gardeners on our toes, doesn't it?!

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