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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Year of the Sunflower 2015

Twas good to see Monty Don sowing sunflower seeds on Gardener’s World last night.
Fleuroselect (The International Organisation for the Ornamental Plants Industry) has declared 2015 ‘The Year of the Sunflower’ and I for one am joining in.

All of the seeds I’ve sown are from Suttons Seeds.


Ms Mars boasts dark pink / purple flowers & is a dwarf variety growing to about 2 foot.


This is the uber-tall Giraffe sunflower with a height of around 15 foot, yes you read that right…15 foot tall!!!!


A bit different from your usual colour for a sunflower, this is Moonlight with creamy white flowers growing to just over 4 foot high.


Summer Long is a mixed bag of different coloured sunflowers reaching a height of 4 foot, both single-stemmed & branching.


Another different colour for a sunflower, Jade Green which gets to a height of around 3 foot.


And finally Tasty Treat. According to Suttons ‘Nearly all this sunflower is edible - leaves, seeds, flower buds and petals! Soak the large seeds in salt water then roast.’ Height 4 foot.

PicMonkey Collage

Here are mine, sown at the end of March, but there’s still plenty of time to get yours going.

Suttons is running a competition with the Giraffe Sunflower this year where you can win the height of your sunflower in £ coins if yours is the tallest. Full details here….
Grow the Tallest Sunflower and Win the height in £

Off to give my ‘little Giraffes’ a ‘big’ talking to.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tracey T said...

Saw Monty last night and for the first time was able to say I was ahead of him in having my sunflowers sown! This year I'm trying Black Magic (from Sarah Raven). Haven't grown this variety before but the seeds have germinated well. Hopefully this summer Scotland won't be welly-deep in water and I'll be able to get these plants in the ground!

Tammy said...

Cannot wait to see your results, I cheering you on to be the winner!

Susan said...

Sunflowers are such fun to grow. I hope yours grow really, really tall.

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