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Friday, 22 May 2015

Auricula Frenzy

This is an Auricula loaded post.
If you’re not an Auricula-a-holic, you may wish to step outside.

I have no idea of the names of any of these are as they were all grown from a variety pack of plugs & seeds. Feel free to let me know if you recognise any of them.



Almost all of the Auriculas are grown in hanging baskets & remain in-situ all year round hanging in the apple tree and from brackets outside our back door.
Sometimes we get 2 or 3 flushes of flowers throughout the year.


PicMonkey Collage

This one is a bit special.
This year, one particular plant has been struck by the fascinating condition called ‘Fasciation’


’Flattened, elongated shoots and flower heads that look like many stems compressed together are called fasciation. This strange-looking problem may be ugly or attractive, but is always interesting’ (Source RHS)

The stem may have a flattened, runner-bean appearance but just LOOK at the amount of flowers on that one stem….INCREDIBLE!!

I’ve seen this before on a Delphinium & Cowslips but the following year the plants have returned in their normal state.


Right…you can come back indoors now.


Indie said...

I'm not really an Auricula-a-holic, but I do appreciate any enthusiasm of a horticultural nature! :)

Ali said...

These are my favourites!!! Love,love,love them!! P.s.wanted to say thanks for the heads up on the geums, last year I bought two and they have come back bigger and better this year:-) xx

elaine said...

They are such pretty plants - you have a lovely selection - I have one - so far! That fasciation has happened on a stem of my Erysimum I wondered what it was - now I know.

Casa Mariposa said...

Beautiful! I've never seen these here but they resemble our primroses. I've read that people in England don't care for these but that's crazy! I think they're really pretty.

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