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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bits n’ Pieces


Apple Tree Bed

Nothing beats spring.

Apple Tree Bed

Not too hot….

Patio Bed

…not too cold.

Shady Bed

Everything is just right.

Old Wheelbarrow

Mr TG’s wheelbarrow bed is positively oooooozing with spring fabulousness.
This was such a great idea.

Front Garden

This sedum has been in our front garden for years. It’s always had green foliage & yellow flowers.


This year it’s changed colour, its fleshy leaves tinged with reds, pinks & greens.

End Bed (Formerly Dry Bed)

Remember this?
This was the bed at the end of the garden that last year I stripped to start again.

End Bed (Former Dry Bed)

Here it is today, in all its spring glory.

I wish it could be spring everyday.


Tammy said...

Beautiful Jane, can I come and just sit?

Indie said...

Ooo, love that sedum! And your redone bed looks fabulous! That wheelbarrow garden takes the cake, though - I just love all the pinks with that lime green sedum. What is that plant sticking up in the back (right in front of the blue ball) with the pink flowers? It's lovely!

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