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Monday, 15 June 2015

Edited Product Reviews

Just a quickie to let you know that I’ve edited a couple of recent posts where I’ve tested & reviewed garden products. It’s really disappointing when a product later fails but it’s also important that I give up-to-date & honest reviews.
So, product updates include…..
Philips Solar Lights 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Carnivores In Bloom

Last year I got my green fingers on some carnivorous plants….(Click HERE for details).

PicMonkey Collage 1

A – Trumpet Pitcher
B – Nepenthes
C – Sundew
D – Venus Fly Trap
E – Parrot Pitcher

They live in the greenhouse, eating all the nasty critters that are lured within their sugary traps.
Alas the Nepenthes is no more…sniff!
Unlike the others, which need to be left in a small tray of RAIN WATER, this one shouldn’t have been. I think I drowned it & root rot followed…Yer live n’ learn (or in the case of my Nepenthes, you die…sniff!) I will get another one soon.


So this year, joy abounds, as each plant has come into flower!!
The Pitcher flower stem is about 2’ tall…


…and its flower head about 2” across. Underneath those red petals is a lime green balloon-like pod full of seeds waiting to burst.


Amazing aren’t they?


Meanwhile, the Venus Fly Trap is still munching its way through those filthy bluebottle flies.


It too has long, slender flower stems,about 1’ tall…


and a cluster of beautiful, white flower.
Some say that allowing the VFT to flower will ensure its demise.
Well I’m gonna take that chance & see what happens.


The Parrot Pitcher flowers are a smaller version of those on the Trumpet Pitcher…


…the petals are a deeper red.


And finally, I divided my original sticky Sundew into 8 plants and they too are flowering again.


Here they all are, in all their sticky, flowering, fly-munching glory.
These RAINWATER lovin’ carnivores are dead easy to look after. Mine are in a slightly dappled area of the greenhouse, sitting in shallow trays of RAINWATER, for goodness sake…don’t use tap water!!
Give ‘em a go.

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