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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Tigers in the Tidy Garden

After growing these in a client's garden last year I promised myself I'd get my mitts on some of these Tigridia Pavonia flowers (AKA Tiger flowers) for the Tidy Garden.

Well you could have knocked me down with a lettuce leaf and called me Vera when I found them for sale back in March at our local Range store at £1.99 for 7 bulbs, PLUS they were in one of their BOGOF offers, so another 7 for nowt!

 I popped all 14 bulbs in a medium sized pot (about 12-14" across), that way I can bring them in over winter when they'll need a bit of protection from the cold & potential winter wet.

It behaves exactly the same as a day lily with several buds per stem.It doesn't matter that they only seem to flower one at a time, nor does it matter that each bloom lasts just one day.
They're big, bold, brassy and beautiful AND totally worth it.


HELENE said...

Ooooh, I have seen these online too, have drooled over them too! I didn’t know they only flowered one day though. Do you get more than one flower on each stalk, like on daylilies? Or do they grow a new stalk for each flower? Beautiful pattern, so photogenic – they are on my VERY long wish-list :-)

Kevin said...

I actually caught my breath! Stunning. I actually attempted these earlier this year, but no luck. I'll dust myself off and try again. Hope all is well!

Janneke said...

Yes I love the pavonias too, and they are fun. I had them in pots on the terrace near my mini pond, where they have sown themselves in a tiny border around the pond. They are blooming there now for the second year....., so funny.

Tammy said...

Oh wow, I'll say! They are gorgeous!

Alistair said...

Vera, you could have knocked me doon we a faither duster and called me Andy Pandy, (I made the Andy Pandy bit up)
Your Tigridia do look stunning, hope they over Winter well.

Indie said...

So pretty!! Very striking. I planted some of those bulbs a few years ago, but they never came up. I blame the voles. No appreciation for fine beauty, those rotten creatures.

Sustainable Furniture UK said...

Stunning flowers! I appreciate how you've grown these so well. Great job!

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