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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Streptocarpus Propagating Update

Regular stalkers may recall my earlier post here where I attempted to propagate Streptocarpus plants.
I'd used the method of slicing 1 leaf into 1 inch chunks, popping the cutting into soil, watering, covering and praying.

Fast-forward 1 year and here they are in all their flowering glory.

I love love love propagating but it comes at a price.....

...our humble abode only has so many window sills so this lot lives in the greenhouse, in a slightly shaded spot, waiting to be adopted.

The only 'problem' (and it is a teeny one) is watering them. They hate being overwatered and will reward you for this sin by dying. They do droop when they're too dry but quickly perk up when watered but don't give them too much.

As I'm banned from further Strepto' propagating I'm now having a go at Succulents. Here's a sneaky peek...

Happy gardening....and propagating!!

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