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Friday, 2 October 2015

Posing Penstemons

An uber-quick post from moi today. I'm super busy but I wanted to share some images of the fabulous Penstemons doing their 'thang' in the Tidy Garden at the mo'.
This is a picture heavy post & I apologise that I don't have the names of all the varieties but enjoy anyway.

Strawberries & Cream

Amelia Jane ?

Before I go, I thought I'd also share my method for propagating these beauties. I've tried the method of taking cuttings and popping into compost but I've had greater success simply taking a cutting and popping it into water. I find they root far quicker, the roots are stronger and almost every cutting 'takes'. I reckon my success rate is 90% with this method, compared to 50% popping them into compost first.

These are just a 'few' (cough!) of my 1yr old cuttings.
Why not give it a go... it's dead easy!


Indie said...

You have some lovely varieties! I remember thinking in the past that you guys have types that we never seen here in the states. Hmmm, great tip for propagating - I'm going to have to try that next spring!

Tammy said...

Wow, wow, and double wow! Absolutely gorgeous blooms!

Ali said...

Just realised Ive got two of these lol (I know Im very alert!!) Oooh going to have a go at getting some cuttings away as they look lovely and I'm think of having a re-hall of my back border and a few would look fab at the back :-) mwah!! thanks for the idea - ooh and i'm going to have a go at growing some violas from seed xx

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