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Monday, 16 November 2015

It Must Be Love...

Residents of Blighty may recall a recent episode of Countryfile where Matt Baker ooohed n' arrrrrred over a delicious, sweet tasting Redlove apple.

Well... I decided that 2 rather ugly conifers could be scarificed for something a tad tastier (alas I'm not talking about Mr Baker) and my apple tree order was placed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the Redlove 'Odysso' from Lubera UK, as swooned over by the equally swoon-overable Matt Baker.
Regular Tidy Garden stalkers may recall my introduction to Lubera UK earlier this year (see link here).

(Images courtesy of Lubera)

Markus Kobelt, founder of Lubera in Switzerland, bred the Redlove 'Odysso' and if you get the chance to watch any of his videos, you will see he simply ooooozes passion for his work. I love the way he promotes his plants, all footage is in a 'home-video' style, sometimes windswept, which although I'm not sure is deliberate, I find honest, refreshing with no 'faff' nonsense.  Take a look here ... you'll see what I mean. 

Markus has one simple top tip with his apple tree...DO NOTHING!
If you prune them they will just grow more and more growth means less energy into producing apples. Horizontal growth is slower than upright so if you want to grow them in an espalier fashion, then go for it.
I plan to just let it grow and do the 'do nothing' option.

The Redlove 'Odysso' is perfect for the smaller garden & can also be grown in a pot.
It has the deepest pink blossom in April / May and the fruits ripen in late September & October. You can see the apples are red inside too. I have the tree labelled as '2yr old bush in a 10L pot'. It arrived perfectly packaged and is about 4.5ft tall.
I really encourage you to watch the video links to the Redlove 'Odysso' and you'll see why I love the Lubera range. 
Honest, simple gardening passion.

I'm delighted to say that Lubera have a special offer for Tidy Gardens by Jane readers.
Get 20% off your order by entering the code tgbj-X-15-11 at the checkout.
Offer ends on the 30th November 2015 and applies to all plants at Lubera.
Happy shopping!!


Tammy said...

I'm happy for you Jane. I'm looking forward to more posts about how your tree goes and the fruits of its labor!

Indie said...

Nice!!! A fruit tree where you do nothing and still get fruit? I need one of those! Enjoy!

Lindac said...

When I was a teen I had a horse and we used to go out riding past a particular apple tree that used to be full of what we called blood apples, they were the most amazing tasting apples I've ever had - would love to know what these ones taste like when they give you a crop :)

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