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Friday, 15 April 2016

Introducing Apple Paradis 'Elegance' from Lubera (Guest Post)

Apple 'Elegance

'A new autumn apple has become the belle of the debutante apple ball. Elegance is wowing her public with her excellent texture and good storability.  

Beautifully formed and scab-resistant, this variety is part of the Paradis Apple  range. This new addition to the school of apple heaven is simply a model pupil because she is disease resistant and beautifully coloured with a tall habit.  The flavour is tangy and juicy when picked off the tree, and yet very durable. An autumn apple, which is simultaneously also a winter apple!

Form /Appearance: Medium to large, tall built, streaky coloured; extensively blurred red colour when harvested late; very beautiful apple, just like a two-coloured apple should be!
Texture / Firmness: Very firm, a modern texture that macerates immediately and must not be chewed laboriously.
Flavour: Sweet refreshing, fully aromatic, with a hint of cinnamon; reliable and very good every year, even when the yields are very high
Harvest /Maturity / Storage: The harvest takes place in one or two passages in mid to late September; the apple can be enjoyed directly off the tree in its full quality – like an autumn variety but it can still be stored easily, very long, until spring.  In addition to the sour 'Paradis 'New Year', this is the best apple in our range for storing.'

For more details click here.

Guest Post written by Francijn Suermondt for Lubera

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