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Saturday, 13 August 2016

August in the Tidy Garden

Welcome back to TG HQ.
As always, lots going on so here's an update.

But first, relax.....inhale and let the lavender do its 'thang'.

Ok...time to move on. Now I know that at the end of last year I vowed never to let another tomato seed pass by grubby mitts...but I couldn't resist just one more go. For years we'd had tom plants scattered all over the garden and each summer we'd skip gaily among the fruiting vines picking those plump, red beauties and singing the virtues of the great British summer.
However, summer here for the last 3 or 4 years has been a 'disaster darling', with every crop succumbing to the dreaded blight just as the picking season approached.
I hope I'm not tempting fate but....(said in a whisper)....this year has been A-mazing. Once more I can frolic among the fruit. (Not a pretty sight)

Meanwhile, dans le vertmaison, things are partying along.
The ol' Trumpet Pitchers are clearly happy in their fly-munching position. I originally had just the 1 plant but divided it last year into 3.

This year I divided them again and now have an additional 4 plants. Honestly, I'm surprised there are any flies left on the planet. Alas (sniff), I did lose my sticky Sundew plants but on a happier note, despite the gloom monster's warnings that allowing a Venus Fly Trap would spell death to the plant, mine survived and is in fact flowering its little head off again, so a rather immature 'ner ner nerner ner' to you.

Really enjoying my display of Ivy Leaf Geraniums.

The 'Hole Digger' and 'Destroyer of Manicured Lawns' is having a day off today.

And finally, my favourite bed at the mo'.... ooooozing dazzlingly, bright colours.
Til' next time.


The Perennial Path said...

I'm enjoying your blog -- so glad I found it!! Carol

Tracey T said...

It all looks so lovely, Jane, I feel quite envious! Another cold and wet summer here in soggy Scotland x

Ali said...

Looks great!!! Very feeble here...poor veg and all just a little bit meh!!! Must try harder next year xxx big hugs xxx

Pam's English Garden said...

I can see why the last bed is your favorite, Jane. Dazzling indeed! P. x

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