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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Good Soil, Manure, Compost & Nourishment For Your Garden - Book Review

Ah...the sweet smell of cut grass... the waft of recently scattered manure...these are my kinda perfumes... you can keep your Chanel No5 and J'Adore by Dior, it's the natural scents from the garden that float my boat.
So let me introduce you to a brilliant book - 'Good Soil, Manure, Compost and Nourishment For Your Garden' by Tina RĂ¥man, who is described as a 'passionate amateur gardener with both feet on the ground; one foot in the flowerbed and the other in the dung heap'.
 It's all about nourishing your garden, helping your plants to reach their full potential and, most importantly, simplifying the process of getting the right fertiliser for your garden.
The book is divided into 7, easy-to-read, manageable sections...

Section 1, Biology, is about the natural processes that affect the health and life of our plants and covers the basics on plant survival, water, oxygen, nutrients, sunlight.

Section 2, Soil, talks about soil types, how to improve what you have, beneficial garden critters and composting.

 Section 3 is about the Chemistry. Now don't panic...it's not all nerdy and deep. It's fascinating stuff... straight forward explanations of what you need to get healthy roots, leaves, beautiful flowers and a bounty of tasty fruit n' veg. What to do, when to do it and why. It's all about understanding those ingredients on your plant food packages. Think of it as healthy food shopping for your garden.

Section 4, Philosophy, looks at the history of fertilising the land, natural and synthetic fertilisers, processed and organic and the impact on us and our planet. 

Section 5, Nourishment, gets down to the nitty gritty of food. From the poo n' pee from our furry n' feathered friends, nutrients from the ocean like seaweed and algae, green energy from grass cuttings and weeds through to using our own 'liquid gold'  in the plant feeding process.

Section 6, Methods, looks at the 'whens' & 'hows'. When and how to fertilise your plants, the art of watering and, dear to my ol' heart, growing in a greenhouse. 

The final section is all about the plants and what they need. It's broken down into lawns, trees & shrubs, bulbs, annuals, perennials, vegetable etc, etc .... this is an invaluable resource section and puts into practise everything that the author has taught us.

I'll be honest, when I first picked up this book and flicked through, I thought it was going to be heavy reading...it's a big, thick, heavy ol' hardback book and 255 pages long. But its' not heavy reading at all. It's a 'dip in and out' kinda book, light-heartedly and simply written. It's not at all geeky & 'scientificiky'. It says it how it is, but it's also an eye-opener into what we eat, what goes on what we eat, how animals are fed and the impact we make by our choices.

'Good Soil' has been a gardening best seller in Sweden, Norway and Germany and some of the 'guest contributions' within the book talk about areas and gardens in Sweden that you may not be familiar with but it's how they work with nature and the land that will be something we can all relate to.

It is beautifully illustrated with both colour and black & white images, paper quality (I'm a bit geeky about paper quality) is good... it has a thick yet smooth, earthy feel to it, almost as if it's been left in the greenhouse or potting shed for a while...(told yer, I was a bit weird when it comes to paper...lol).

If you're interested in nature, giving your lawn, plants, fruits and veg the best possible environment in which to grow and thrive then this book is an excellent read.
'Manure might be dirty, disgusting and smelly,  but it's the topic of the most exciting gardening book of the year'. 
Highly recommended.

Published by Frances Lincoln

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