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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Plant Action in the Tidy Garden

 Hellebore - Double Ellen Purple

Pleased to say that we finally have some floral action in the Tidy Garden.
It's been a very slow start compared to previous years but it's all going on now.

Hellebore - Double Ellen Pink

Hellebore - Double Ellen White

The potted, single Auriculas (all 160 of them) have lost their ugly duckling autumn / winter shabbyness. The leaves are plumping & greening up just nicely and we have....

....our first beautiful swan. 
I'm hoping that everyone of these will flower this year. I'm also hoping that my hanging basket trial (see post here) will work. I have 2 regular hanging baskets that bloom their heads off each year ... (photo from last year) ...

...but these other baskets feature plants hanging out of the sides (hope that makes sense).... anyway...watch this space.

Drumstick Primula

I started off a batch of these from teeny, tiny seeds a few years back. They were supposed to be mixed colours, pinks, mauves, white ... hmm ..... clearly a duff batch as ALL of mine were mauve and a few were cowslips!!
Oh well.....still lovely.

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