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Sunday, 16 April 2017


Auricula-phobes, look away now!

It's the most...wonderful time...of the year.
And spring brings Auriculas...in a-bun-dance (which is a bit like Soft Shoe Shuffle, but with hotcross bun-style slippers)
I digress....

Regular stalkers followers of my wee bloglet may recall my review of 2 hanging baskets last year, the Easyfill Original and the Easyfill Pro...see review post here.
I filled the Easyfill Pro with Auriculas and the result has been far better than I expected with the sides oooozing with little plantlets (see above). I have been far more impressed with the Easyfill Pro compared to the Original. The water tends to flow out of the side holes far too quickly from the Original and I have also found out that it dries out more often, possibly due to the more exposed soil through the holes.

That aside, Auriculas make fantastic hanging basket plants and I have a few (Cough!). They stay in the baskets throughout the year, I never feed them and they often flower again late summer too.

So brace yourselves..... here are a selection of my collection. (Names given where know). If you spot a variety that I haven't named then please let me know, I am slowly trying to identify them all.

 Bottom Right.... Pinkie Dawn

Top Left.... White Pyne
Top Right... Sophie
Bottom Left... Dilly Dilly

Top Left... Old Fashioned
Top Right.. Our Sophie
Bottom Right...Slim Whitman buds

There's a whole heap more still in leaf, so I'll share those another time.

Meanwhile, the rest of the garden is doing its best to get my attention off of the Auriculas. Last autumn I planted lots of Tulips that I'd bought from The Range. They were so riduiculously cheap but they have out-performed my expectations. I planted about 200 and I will definately buy more later this year. 

An old, faithful Iberis...

The luscious lime green of Darts Gold...


More Tulips...

Oh...and even more Tulips...

... Tulip-Phobes, I apologise.....

Nearly done...

That's it...

The tiny wildlife pond is filling out again...

...and in the greenhouse, the first of my Wisteria seeds have sprouted....Squeeeeeeeal!!!

Ok...that's it for today.
Happy Sunday!!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Such a Perfect Day....

Today has been the most fabulous of spring days.
Clear blue skies, a gentle breeze, laughter and all round happiness.

Enjoy a stroll around the Tidy Garden.

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