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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Summer Garden

Just popping in to share some photos from the garden this week.
I have been super busy with gardening work, hence lack of posts, so this'll be a quickish post.

It's been an eventful few weeks.
 I held my first plant sale which went really well. It's alway been my dream to have my own small nursery but parting with my precious plant babies was harder than expected..... not easy letting them go when you've grown them from seed...lol.
I'll keep dreaming of that nursery for now.

I've done my fair share of saving garden critters from an untimely fate...you know the kinda thing....shimmying struggling bees onto pollen rich flowers, placing baby newts back into ponds, feeding baby birds, rescuing moths trapped indoors.
My reward...getting stung 3 times....YES... 3 TIMES by a flamin' evil wasp and being bitten by something equally vicious in the most sensitive of bodily parts.

On a cheerier note, my 2 pots of blueberries are at their absolute best this year. We've never had so much fruit before. Hopefully Mr & Mrs Blackbird will leave some for us.

Seedpods are ready to burst....

...and some plants are putting on a dazzlingly, delightful, display of blooms.

But outshining everyone in the garden at the mo' are the Tiger Flowers. 
Stunning aren't they.

Finally, my new herb bed. This is one of our raised beds that was orininally for veg, but last year I grew wild flowers. Now it's a herb bed for us and the bees.
NOT wasps (Grrrrr).....just bees.


Ali said...

Gorgeous pics!! Bloody wasps they are just nasty!!! In your third pic down what are they - so different love them xx

Indie said...

Oh, no, too bad you were rewarded in such a bad way for trying to help! You are a good gardener and friend to wildlife, though. That's awesome about your plant sale! Very cool! Your tiger flower is amazing. I tried growing them once, but they never came up (they were probably lunch for the voles.)

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