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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Attention Seekers, Updates & Trials

It's been a funny ol' year so far, the winter weather keeps returning. I have lots of confused plants...spring Anemones that have flowered continuously since Christmas and Snowdrops that have only just woken up. But...spring is finally here and, when the sun does appear, it's got the perfect warmth to it.

There are lots of plants now vying for my attention.
The first of my precious Auriculas has bloomed (first photo). This is Blue Chip which has the most amazing farina dusting...love it!
The Daffs have made it through 2 bouts of stem-bending snow and hyacinths are filling the air with their sweet perfume.

The Hellebores have been AMAZING. I bought these about 5yrs ago and they've all out-performed this year with a spectacular display.

Scattered by the wind / birds are these sunshiny, black leaved Ficaria Verna. Very subtle, popping up to razzle-dazzle and then slipping away quietly away without a word.

So here's the biggest show-off in the garden at the moment screaming "Look at me! Look at me!"
I haven't manipulated this photo, no fancy-schmancy camera tricks or filters.
She's an attention seeking show-off and I love her!

Meanwhile, remember these Echeveria leaves that I propagated a couple of years ago (Click here)?

Well here they are now looking resplendent. I have loads (cough), as all the leaves grew, so if you want to give propagation a go then check out the link above...it's dead easy and great fun.

Always one for an experiment and trial, I thought I'd see how these Physalis (Chinese Lanterns) from Wilkinsons perform over the coming year. They were only £2.00 for 5 so I'll let you know how they do.

Now these are really exciting....very inexpensive bare root roses.
These are from The Range and were £2.99 or 2 for £5.00.
Hideously garish colours, according to the packaging, but hey-ho...you've gotta give 'em a go...right?

Not so hideous looking were these 2 from Home Bargains, for £1.99 each.

They were all soaked for an hour and then popped in the garden with a dose of manure and they're all looking pretty good already with fresh foliage.
I'll keep you posted over the year on how they're doing.

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