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Friday, 4 May 2018

An Abundance of Auriculas

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know that it's 'that' time of the year again. 
The BEST time of the year......Auricula season!!!

My son has redesigned my previous Auricula theatre that hung outside our back door and has also made me a second, even larger one. They've made a very boring garage wall look spectacular and has given me more room to display my precious, ever-expanding collection of plants.

Robin Hood - Angel Islington
Lord Saye En Sele - White Pyne

Hinton Fields - Pinkie Dawn
Ancient Society - War Paint 

Joel - Strawberry Fields
Joel (again) - Dilly Dilly

Star Wars - Piers Telford
Old Fashioned - Our Sophie


Bright Ginger

These are all unnamed plants...

...and these are a couple of doubles.

Ice Cap


This unnamed one has the most flowers I have ever seen and they're shades of browns & pinks...quite unusual.

This is my 'behind-the-scenes' collection. Waiting in the wings to finally bloom.

They're addictive little plants!
Buy one at your own risk.


Tracey T said...

These are so beautiful Jane. No sign of mine yet... I suspect that the long winter was too much for them.

Dotty Jo said...

How fabulous! I'm totally envious, Jane, as I love these magical flowers so much, but have never had any success with the, Jo x

Ali said...

They are gorgeous xx

Janneke said...

Beautiful auricula theatre and even more beautiful auriculas. I also have a large collection, mostly unnamed and not so many cultivars. Only the ones I bought from the former headgardener of Sandringham are named. Your Samantha is a specialty and Crimple and not to forget the beauty Robin Hood and what about War Paint. I become so greedy when I see these wonderful plants......
Regards, Janneke

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