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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Summer Lovin' 2018

Summer is certainly here and the garden's desperately trying to survive in the scorching temperatures.

Watering is left until about 9pm each evening. Frogs seem to sense my activity and appear around every corner waiting for a quenching sprinkle from the hose.
The lawn is almost non existent, a sad sight but it'll green up again when the rain eventually comes.

Early morning colours are amazing. The leaves perky and flowers reach for the sun.
By the end of the day a slight limpness returns as the foliage bakes in the heat.

 You may recall I planted some very inexpensive bare root roses, as a product review, earlier in the year (click here.) They were from Home Bargains & The Range for between £1.99 & £2.50.

Well they have been incredibly successful and the scent to die for....as sweet as any expensive rose I've ever sniffed. Definitely, 100%, absolutely recommend buying these in the future!! It's a shame that my local Range shop allowed the remaing stock of about 30 plants to wither and die before stupidly reducing them in price..... what a waste of such beautiful plants...Grrrr.

Anyway, mine have been so succesful, a leafcutter bee has taken a shine to their leaves and nibbled off neat little pieces to make 'leafy sleeping bags' for its eggs. 
It's currently taking them under a potted Salvia that I've been growing, so I'll have to stop watering that plant for a short time, while it's nesting.
Apparently the bee, which is solitary, makes little 'sleeping bags' out of the leaves, fills it with food, lays an egg and then puts a leafy lid on it. Amazing huh?
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook I have a video of the bee in action.

I hope all you sun-worshippers are enjoying this amazing weather.
I'm ducking n' diving into any shady spot I can find, wearing my silly hat while trying to remember not to rub sun lotion into my eyes.

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