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Friday, 15 February 2019

Keeping Busy

January & Feb' (so far) have been hugely exciting up at the new allotment. 
Plot 38a has been transformed from a huge plot of soil to 11 raised beds.
I lost track of the number of pallets I've sawn up over the past few weeks, gawd knows how many screws I've used and let's not mention the wonky lines. Straight lines are sooooo 2018.
I say 'let's embrace the wonkiness' in 2019.

 I've also got a rickety ol' shed, left on the site by a previous owner. Twas a comedy moment as 3 of us carried it across the site, 'sedan-chair style'. It was riddled with woodlice... there were so many it could have given 'I'm a Celebrity' a run for its money. When we lifted the carpet there was a massive, grey patch...then it started moving!!!!! They were EVERYWHERE and as we lifted the shed they started falling out of the walls and ceilings.

I found some really beautiful pallets (yes, pallets can be sexy) to use as flooring and, because of the overhang, I have a posh veranda (lol).
I've also made a bench, from sexy pallets, and painted the whole lot plus put up shelving and hooks inside..but spared you the photos... I know I'm the only one who finds this exciting.
I bought a composter from Greenfingers.com which arrived flat-packed and clicked together in 2 mins.

Over on my Co-working plot next door (38b), the kale is coming to the end, as are the cabbages that I grew as spring greens. I will definitely do these again later in the year...delicious and so easy to grow. Coming up now are broad beans, red onions and garlic that I planted in the autumn.

On my own plot I've sown dwarf broad beans and onions today and in the greenhouse back home, kalettes, more broad beans, brussel sprouts and cabbage seeds.

Of course it's not all about vegetables.
This year I'm going to give Dahlias a go. Now I've grown them before for clients but not within a 50 mile radius of my house. The reason? Earwigs!!! Even typing the word makes my skin crawl. I can 'cope' with a woodlouse infested shed but show me an earwig....nay just mention the 'E' of earwig and I'm gone. 
These packs of Dahlias were in the doorway of The Range, screaming at me, like the sweets section at the checkouts,...'BUY US!!!! BUY US!!!!'
I caved in, but will grow them in a cut-flower bed up the allotment in the hope that by the time I've walked home, any critters would have been shaken out.
Til next time...don't have nightmares.


Christine said...

Super post! It made me laugh when I imagined the shed being moved... the dahlias.. well, so with you there!
The photos, I appreciated them....especially the last 38a one. That is one great allotment and must be the envy of all around...I am certainly green eyed! Well done.

Dotty Jo said...

So much hard work - looks fab! Loved reading your post, Jane, Jo x

Indie said...

Nightmares indeed, yikes! I love the idea of allotments that come with inherited sheds. The closest thing we have here to allotments are raised beds that you can rent from the community farm. You only get one small raised bed, though, which makes me very thankful to have a whole yard to tear up! Enjoy planting!

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