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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Allotment Update & Growing Wildflowers

The excitment up the allotment is mounting.
The shed has a new roof and a veranda extension (dead posh). The compost bin is already about a 1/4 full with all the peelings, teabags and egg shells from home, plus grass clippings & weeds from around the plot.

The arrival of a huge mountain of bark chippings on the site means we now have beautiful pathways between the beds. It was the finishing touch. 

Crop wise, I've sown parnips, carrots, seed potatoes, radishes, broadbeans and onions in the soil. Back home in the greenhouse there are kalettes, cabbages, leeks, tomatoes, peppers, more broadbeans and brussels sprouts.

Yes...that my friend is a bucket of poo.
Gorgeous innit?

Earlier in the year I applied to Grow Wild UK to take part in their campaign to get more people growing wild flowers. 

My application was successful and I was sent a box of goodies which included stickers, planting guides, a poster, 2for1 vouchers for Kew Gardens and enough wildflower seeds to cover 40 square metres. I've shared these with others up the allotment.  

I've created another bed at the top of my co-working plot just for wildflowers and on my own plot I've dedicated a bed to wildflowers and wildlife. I've put in a pond using a large Smithy plant tub and bought some pond plants from home to put in it. We've also got LOTS of frogspawn back home so I'm going to bring down a blob or two to put in the pond. Apparently frogs return to where they were born so I'm hoping I'll have my own army of slug munchers in the future.

Around the pond I've scattered my wildflower seeds and put up an anti-cat fence. I've made nice pathways around the beds, carpeted them with soft bark chippings and what do the cats do? Stomp across my fluffy, manicured beds with their size 12 boots leaving large crater-sized footprints eveywhere 😂😂😂
Fingers crossed we'll have seedlings soon and a summer of wildflowers, welcome critters and wildlife.
Can't wait!


Ali said...

Its looking great!! I dont know how you manage to find the time to do as much as you do - I'm always worn out reading what you've been up to xx

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist commenting. Very well written!

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