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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Gardening Updates

This year has probably been one of the best years ever in the ol' garden.
Usually the heat of summer tires the garden quickly, everything gets that washed out look.
The vibrancy of spring long gone.

 But this year has been different.

Yes we've had a hot summer, thankfully not the intensity of heat like last year, but everything has remained intense, lush, healthy and alive.

Here we are now, fast approaching October and the garden is still going strong.

I'm sure we've had 3 flushes of delphiniums this year.

 I can't remember if I mentioned that I re-edged the flower beds this year, with grey bricks on a slant. Wish I'd done it this way years ago...it adds another area of interest.

Up the allotment the excitement continues.

We're now reaping the rewards of all our hard work.

This is what it's all about, raspberries, blackberries...

...tomatoes by the truckload. This has been the best year for many in the tomato department. Normally the tomatoes have been late to fruit and then just as they ripen blight strikes. 
But not this year...YAY!
Fruits all summer and no blight.

Growing your own is hugely satisfying. There are lots of fruits & veg I will grow again and a lot of new foods, that I've discovered lately, that I'll try next year...celeriac, butternut squash, etc...

This is me propping up an enormous sunflower that decided to take up residence on the plot.
Happy Autumn.
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