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Sunday, 12 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020 & New Beginnings

Ahoy & welcome back!
2020...can you believe it?
Back in 2000, at the start of the millennium, 2020 seemed ages away. Time sure does fly by.
Anyway...here we are at the beginning of a new gardening / allotmenting year and I for one can't wait. I have big plans for up the allotment.  

One of those plans is to increase the number of compost bins. I have 3 already, one of which is now a year old, and if you'd been up the plot when I emptied out the contents, you'd have heard an excited 'SQUEEEEEAAL' as my first ever pile of homemade soil was revealed. 
Who'd have thought compost could be this exciting!!??
I didn't do any turning, just layered weeds / cuttings / discarded food with brown cardboard and grass cuttings, then repeated. The worms....bazillions of them...did all the hard work. 

So I plan *Cough!* to be a bit more forward thinking this year when it comes to crops. I've bought Charles Dowding's brilliant diary to help me with best sowing times, remind me about succession sowing and second cropping.  I also plan *Cough!* to concentrate on growing the things we love rather than EVERY seed packet that comes into my possession. 

One thing I'm really keen to try is more perennial crops and alternatives to the norm', for example (above)...Oca. Apparently Oca are really easy to grow & produce in winter, potato-like tubers that taste like lemony spuds. 
Really excited about these.

Another introduction to the plot will be perennial kales, Taunton Deane & Daubenton. I was lucky to get hold of one of each of these plants last summer. They are really sought after and many sites have waiting lists as they are so popular. Since then I have been taking cuttings and growing on more plantlets with the intention of having a whole bed dedicated to these fabulous plants. The Taunton Deane version can apparently get really tall. Very exciting!

And if that wasn't exciting enough...I've also been asked to try some fabulous seeds from Burpee who will be selling in the UK this year. Their tomato 'Veranda Red' was launched last year at the RHS Tatton Park show and will available this year. Lots to try...Aubergines, Sweet Peppers, Cucumbers as well as some flowers...Echinachea, African Marigolds (brilliant for companion planting with crops) and Verbascum.
More details on how to get hold of Burpee seeds to follow.

(Me last year propping up a sunflower)

No plans..at least not major ones...back home in the garden. 
Not sure my poor husband can cope with another of my redesigns...lol. 
I'm sure I'll have plenty to do though and I can't wait.

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Ali said...

Happy Gardening!!! Hope everything is blooming successful - (see what I did there ;-) xx

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