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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Spring 2020

With all the doom n' gloom in the world right now, the garden and allotment have become even more special to me. Somewhere to escape the insanity & fear every time you turn on the TV, radio or step into a supermarket. 

It's funny how some people's attitude to health & well-being have suddenly changed overnight to simply needing more 'stuff'...loo rolls, soap, canned food, pasta, water, blah, blah, blah...

Before the Coronavirus, where was the fear of all the other health conditions, that on a daily basis take so many people before their time? Why weren't people panicking then?  Why weren't people washing their hands really well or, more importantly, looking more closely at their whole well-being?

I hope none of us get this, I really do.
I hope that washing your hands and not being coughed or sneezed over keeps you safe & well.
What I hope for more than anything is that people will wake up, re-evaluate their lives, the 'preciousness' (if that's a real word) of our short time here and look at what they eat / drink / do on a daily basis. Mountains of loo roll are not the key to good health and washing your hands to the tune of Happy Birthday is only a teeny weeny part in our well-being.

I know a lot of people are being scared senseless by the news but I encourage you to step outside on a sunny, blue sky day and just breathe.

Close your eyes & listen to the birds singing. Grab a seat & soak up those ever warming sun rays. Look around and see what Mother Nature is sharing and try & clear your mind, even if it's for a few short moments. I find it a HUGE relief.

I found this little newt in a client's garden this week, playing dead. I didn't realise he was playing dead to start with. He was on his back, legs in the air, not appearing to breathe, move or blink. I felt quite sad that he hadn't made it thru' the winter so I placed him gently in a safe place & carried on working. 10 mins later I noticed the lil' bugger had moved...lol.

Back home, the pond is a bubbling mass of frogs spawn again. Such a happy time of the year listening to the frog chorus at night. The row must drive our neighbours nuts.

My final photo for today is of my one and only picking of Purple Sprouting Broccoli this winter from up the allotment. Bit of a disaster as I stupidly took off the netting thinking they would be fine, that there wouldn't be butterfly caterpillars at this time of year to eat them. I forgot about the pigeons...DOH!!!

Stay safe & sane people.
Look after your whole body and look out for others.
These are crazy, scary times but I hope to see you all on the other side. 


Sue said...

Stunning photos, Janey. Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

Super post. Love your comments and photos. Thank you for the hellebores, they're super.

Tracey T said...

Well said that woman! Don't understand the panic buying at all but am now dreading actually needing to buy loo roll ... there's none to be had here! Gorgeous, inspirational photos, too. Can't wait for Spring to be sprung here so that I can make a start outside.

Pam's English Garden said...

I believe gardeners are going to be the happiest and most sane through this crisis, Jane. Your pictures and words say it all. P. x

'The Strawberry Patch' said...

Your message Jane, only goes to reiterate what we should all be too trying to do in our gardens large or small at this very difficult time.

Although we were planning to tour the UK in our caravan this year and cut back on the veg and fruit plots, circumstances have dictated a somewhat radical change. A speedy expedited order to a brilliant seed company has resulted in a flurry of activity in the potting shed and a quick turnover in the raised beds (no, not what you were thinking!) so that we are ready to sow those little nuggets of seeds which will in time herald positive new growth.

My Mother helped my Grandfather work their allotment during the WW2. Under different circumstances yes, but still with the worry of an unknown enemy nevertheless. They applied rational and sensible approaches to life, looked at food rationing as a necessity, something we may need to apply before too long. Alongside many and with the Land Army they toiled the land feeding their family as best they could.

We need to look at the way people take for granted what is available to them every single day such as fruit and veg. So, so much fresh produce comes from abroad; we are no longer growing our own and eating only what is in season. I fear we have become lost as a world reliant on others and which must change if we are to survive.
Meanwhile, yes, it is vital during these unknown days to enjoy your garden, look at what is all around you... and yes breathe....

Ali said...

Yoo hoo, great post, sorry for the late comment - I'm limiting my computer time as my head is full of anxiousness - I'm skipping lots of posts and instagram but to be honest I think I need to come off completely!! Any hoo - lovely photos - I've finally got some seeds planted - Im so far behind - but today I went to check on ones I planted the other week in the greenhouse and I can only see them blooming starting - yay!!! That really cheered me up, I need to go to wilko for more seeds but oh god the thought of facing the shops - I think maybe the gardening aisle might be quieter than the others with a bit of luck - Look after you and yours big hugs xxx

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